Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Black Yard

It's starting to look a little like our old backyard. The Mister and I stood staring at our newly stained black fence last weekend and we could not help but be reminded of the direction our first patio had taken several years ago. At that time, we had a mush mash of patio furniture, made up of different styles, colors and conditions, but had found that when we unified all the elements in a single color - then black, it sort of all came together like we had purchased the pieces specifically with that design in mind. 

Fast forward to our new yard- more spacious, with beds we are now free to landscape as we wish and a  sparkling blue pool down the center. Though worlds away from what we had, the addition of our new black fence still had us reminiscing. 

Perhaps its also because we have charcoal furniture and accessories earmarked for our in-progress patio this summer. Regardless, we certainly have a specific aesthetic and have embraced it in our new home as well.  

There are certainly plenty of people who share our love of black in the yard.

Black is a dramatic compliment to chartreuse, emerald amber and icy blue colored foliage. We are using all of these shades against our 'slate' colored fence.

Black patio chairs with charcoal gray cushions will create a moodier feel around the turquoise waters of our pool by summer as well. Like the picture above though, we'll offset all that darkness with warm wood in the outdoor bar, table tops and a patio sectional we are looking to build ourselves.

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