Monday, April 22, 2013

Pattern Party

I tend to lean towards a more conservative and streamlined aesthetic when entertaining. But I have to admit that these pretty patterns have me nearly persuaded to incorporate a few into an upcoming birthday party I'm planning at the house.

  A recent trip to Target found me standing in the aisle, all but captivated at the fresh designs of their latest party collections.  Best part is the affordable price point. Heck, at less than $3 for a package of 10, I might even stock up for summer shindigs. 

I pulled out a few of my favorites above, but trust me when I say there are many more to choose from. I might even consider one of their irresistible paper cloths for my upcoming fete- gasp!  For the real goods, head on over to your nearest store because they regrettably aren't sold online.

A few weeks ago, I had stumbled upon the MarthaCelebrations collection online at JC Penney. Planning a small wedding or a shower? You might want to dive into the conveniently curated categories on the JC Penney website. You can search by color - encountering appealing hues such as 'sweetgrass', 'cotton candy' and 'scarlet'. You can search by celebration type, where half the work is already done for you in pulling together a well coordinated event or simply by product. Be sure to check out the 'sweets' section, where you'll find a collection of color-coordinated candy and sets of apothecary jars that'll make pulling together a sweets bar easy peasy.  

It looks like you'll find at least part of the collection in your local store. I did. What I really like about this collection is that you get all of the same elegant patterns that one might find in a high end party boutique without high end boutique pricing. Win.



Kristen said...

Love these plates! At under $3 for a pack?! I might need to stop by on my way home from work. So excited for outdoor entertaining.

jackie jade said...

these patterns would be great for a party. target always has the best.
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