Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Modern Wood Tiered Planter Boxes

You and I have some catching up to do. I have so much to share and I promise that this week its going to happen. Lots of progress on the ol' homestead in recent weeks and I've been working hard to keep up with my camera.  Today, I want to share progress on the tiered planter beds I mentioned in an earlier post. I had a feeling they would come together rather quickly and they sure did. 

Here's how we took a nondescript side yard and gave it some architectural interest in just one week.

I mentioned that we had to contend with the natural grade of our yard. Because it sloped upward toward the back fence, rather than plant with the grade, we installed tiered planter boxes that would allow us to keep plantings uniform and level. 

Dad helped us stake it all out the first weekend and then came back on weekend #2 and worked his behind off to frame it up. Nothing fancy here. We used pressure treated boards and metal stakes from Home Depot.

The morning after the boxes were installed, I took a brush and some stain to the boxes to help them blend in with the background fencing.  We're still working out some details on the top tier (mainly still trying to vacate some dirt we piled up temporarily there. Once we can dispose of all the dirt, the final portions of the fence and planter will be finished off and planted. 

The Furcraea Mediopicta we are highlighting in each bed will grow to 5' tall and 6' wide within a year or two, making for a dramatic backdrop in this area of the yard, soon to be outfitted with a fire bowl and seating.


Kristen said...

Wow! Everything is coming along so amazing! Can not wait to see everything all together!

Anonymous said...

It looks fantastic! I love the choice of stain for the fencing...it's really going to help the plants stand out. Really looking forward to the finished product :)

celine [starbies and sangrias] said...

So awesome!!! xoxo

jackie jade said...

looking amazing! fantastic work and can't wait to see more updates.
-- jackiejade.blogspot.com

Trissta said...

Holy black! What a statement maker! Girl, that's amazing work for a week!

Much Love,

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