Thursday, February 7, 2013

Small Change // Big Impact

We recently added a mirrored backsplash to the wet bar - proof positive that even little changes can sometimes make all the difference in the world. 

Here it was then, all dressed up for a holiday gathering. Here it is now, shiny and bright and currently at least, uncluttered. Eventually an edited arrangement of bottles will come back down onto the countertop. For now, I'm relishing in the new-ness of it and want to see as much of the new backsplash as possible. 

Final Cost // $35.

How // We had the mirror pre-cut by a local glass company and adhered it directly to the wall using a non-silicone based adhesive for mirrors. It took just 24 hours to cure.

Avoid this pitfall // I originally measured the width of the space by running my tape along the back wall where the mirror would eventually be placed. Should you want to do something similar, you will want to want to measure both along the back wall and again towards the front, taking into account any obstacles that may jut out from the sidewalls. The rock facade on the back of our fireplace required a smaller cut and another trip to the mirror company because I did not originally factor this in.

By the way--- thank you for all the lovely feedback on yesterday's post. We are really pleased with how  this space evolved as well!


celine [starbies and sangrias] said...


Trissta {Living on the Chic} said...

Girl, that looks AMAZING! I love mirrored backsplashes (if you can call it that?) I'm a firm believer in the magic of mirrors. They double your space and light!

Much Love,

Hannah said...

Talk about illusion! What a great way to make a space feel more open! And for such an affordable price too!

Kristen said...

So much more open! What a difference! Love that is was such an affordable fix.

Andaiye said...

Snazzy!! Totally luv it!!

Albertina || Mimosa Lane said...

Huge difference!! I had mirrors in my first bar when I lived in NYC too...loved glamorous I feel like. The peeks I have gotten of your home are amazing!!

jackie jade said...

great update! i love mirrors - makes it look so modern. and good to remember about measuring too!

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