Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Around Here // A First Look At Our Entryway

One of my favorite things about our home is the front door. With it's stately nod to 60's ornamentation juxtaposed against more serious, modern hardware, it really sets the tone for what you'll see once you cross the threshold- contemporary patterns and color at play with features that have remained original to the house.

I shared that I had recently purchased the southwest inspired runner and promised that once in place, I'd sneak you a peek at how it all came together. Well today, I'm inviting you all in for a first look at the nearly finished entryway in our home. 

UPS rang the bell and I couldn't roll that pretty blue runner out quick enough. I was so worried that it would not blend well with the original tile floors (that for the foreseeable future are here to stay). But I think it works and I was relieved to stand back and see my initial vision for the space taking shape.

Come to think of it, I'm not really sure anymore which came first. Perhaps the arrival of the runner dictated some of the other changes in the entryway, namely the infusion of color through additional artwork. But I think we've been working in this direction all along. The original vintage painting that greets us each time we walk in the door was one of the first purchases we made after we moved in and once hung, I think we always knew that this space was destined to be a happy and colorful welcome to visiting family and friends.  The adjacent album cover artwork is a more recent addition and pays homage to our love of mid-century era orchestral jazz. There is always music playing in our home.

The upholstered footstool was another recent addition, pulled from my studio workspace. Here it offers a convenient place to throw on our shoes before we head out the door again. I also pull it into our living room and use it nightly to kick my feet up in front of the TV. I'm tossing around the idea of adding some brass hardware to the white cabinets (that house all our party platters!). For now though, they remain clean and free of any added decoration.

I've struggled with just how and where to incorporate personal photos in the house. They are after all, an essential dimension to any lived in space. But while I admire gallery walls constructed of old portraits and family memories, I've been guarded about cluttering up our walls too much- yet. This built-in alcove in the entry felt like the best place to finally display framed photos of our nearest and dearest. It's still a work in progress, as there are a few photos to be added. But even as is, I like the way the black and white prints placed in chrome frames unify our carefully curated collection.

The entry area is still one of the most complete in the house at this point. But all these recent updates also remind me that the dream house we are building is finally starting to come together. 

Sources // 

Original door painted Glidden's Almost Aqua
Door Hardware via Lowes
Original Artwork found at Long Beach Flea Market
One of a kind runner found at Rugs USA; Similar ones still available
Footstool, Bull sculpture and frames all from Home Goods



Albertina || Mimosa Lane said...

Your front door!!! its amazing! Love the runner too. I love framed photos. Its funny because I feel that because framed photos don't look good in photos of interiors people are just doing away with them....which makes me so sad because as you say they are what a lived in space is all about. I have them all over!

Kristen said...

So jealous of your door! Ahhh what I'd give for that fun detail and nod to vintage. I'm kind of in love with that rug as well. The color and design is perfect.

celine said...

looks freaking awesome. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I really love that rug with the tile! Actually I am completely jealous og your entire beautiful entryway! I'm with Albertina on the framed photos...I have them everywhere in the house :)

Julie / Bound said...

That bull is crazy awesome! And so is the rest of the space. Really beautiful work!

designstiles said...

Your front door is beautiful. I love the intricate moulding. Your album artwork is so cool too. I noticed your footstool, bull and frames are from HomeGoods. :)

jackie jade said...

love this space! the door with the modern hardware is just perfect! i'm slowly adding art to our walls, but i think i'll just have our personal photos on surfaces instead of the walls for now. yours look great the way you've displayed them!
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Andaiye said...

I AM INSPIRED!!!... seriously I am. Your entryway is lovely. :)

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