Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Around Here // House Updates

We're moving right along through our Spring '14 punch list. Most weekday nights and days off lately have been spent out in the yard, painting walls or hanging hardware. It feels good to see rapid progress on some of the things that we've wanted to address for so long. Today, I wanted to give an update on a few I've previously blogged about so you'll have hard evidence that it's not just a bunch of ideas I'm floating on these pages. These house dreams really are in the making.

Project Green Screen // If you're new to the blog, you'll find a brief backstory here. The wood planters that will flank 24 feet of our unsightly back fence have been constructed, stained, lacquered with a marine grade finish and then... deconstructed to reduce their size once we realized their massive footprint under the original 2x6' plan.  The abbreviated version works so much better and is now sitting ready for the bamboo that will be planted over the coming weekend. 

Concrete Bar Top // As I was exiting for the weekend, I hinted that I might just hit our dining room wet bar with some Ardex Feather Finish and give that 1980's laminate countertop a more modern look. Well, I did it and it turned out exactly as I had envisioned.

Counter Height Bar Table // We debated different versions of custom table legs for over a year, while our mahogany top sat propped up against the back bedroom wall. Now, it happily sits on a pair of black, powder coated steel legs created for us by TRRTRY. We found this SoCal workshop through Etsy and couldn't be more pleased with the result. The accompanying stools are still in the works.

Dining Room Art // Our day spent trekking around the Martian landscape of Joshua Tree was all really intended to produce a one of a kind piece for our dining room kitchen. I shared some outtakes from that outing here. Scanning through the photos back home, we knew we had "the one" shot we were hoping for all along. The 40" x 40" enlargement is being framed up this week and will finally hang on the wall backed with Erika Wakerly's 'Angles' paper.


Emily Davis said...

Great progress! I should take a lesson ;)

celine @aquahaus said...

The table looks amazing. and I love those planter boxes so much. You are amazing Erin.

Anonymous said...

I need help on a similar planter project - will you post more details, esp on the finishing with the marine grade lacquer?

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