Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Houseplans // A Green Screen

Spring projects are already in full swing here around the house. The mild weather we've been afforded has made for some pretty productive work week evenings and weekends. In fact, the whole of this past weekend was spent re-working our vegetable bed configuration on the side yard. It's pretty satisfying how well it is shaping up in that part of the yard. But all that time spent out there over the past few days has also raised an issue in another area of our yard we feel we can no longer ignore. 

In an attempt to finally solve for an unsightly fence along the most highly visible poolside planter in our yard, we'll be installing a bamboo screen. The bright sunlight, narrow planter bed and rock-hard clay soil this area makes it difficult for anything to thrive in the ground. So we've come up with an above ground solution that will help us hide out our eyesore of a fence, while adding a verdant backdrop to our pool deck.

Before settling on our plan, we took inspiration from a bevy of options that provide both a privacy or sound barrier and an attractive green belt around a garden or patio. Here were some of our favorites.

There are so many plant options to choose from. It amazes me how a well planned arrangement can keep the prying eyes of an entire city at bay on a rooftop garden. 

As the first stage of our plan, we will remove eight towering Cypress trees along one part of the fence. We've held off on removing them because they currently act as a barrier between our neighbor's second story window and our pool deck. But the bottom line is that they are dirty, costly to maintain and pretty beat up from wind damage and animals that like to nest there so they must go. 

Once removed, we can build out our planters. We're planning on six,  2x6 foot beds, roughly 24" high, but of course that could eventually change based on lumber costs. We're moving towards a walnut stain and chartreuse colored bamboo (perhaps Alphonse Carr) which will both contrast nicely against all the black we currently have going on in the yard. 

Intro Image: John Rocha's home in Provence as photographed by Richard Powers
Last Image: Workshop / apd


celine said...

Bamboo is a great green screen. We are actually doing the same in our backyard for our pool! Great minds think alike...

Rebecca A. Maynard said...

The fence 20 minutes after acid spray. It will continue to age at a rapid pace, especially if I apply water. When it gets to the point that I feel it's aged enough it will get a clear coat to seal it. Maybe a week or so.split rail fence cost

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