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Houseplant to Love // Sanseviera Cylandrica

It happens all the time. I'm out and about in this place or that and spot something I can't get out of my crazy little head. Sometimes I don't know what it's called or who makes it and for the life of me, I never know where I can pick one up myself. So comes a lot of time searching the interwebs, googling phrases that might produce some sort of means to an end for my infatuation. It was just like that with this - a houseplant rarely if ever seen (at least in my part of the world) in the aisle of any bigbox home improvement store, a houseplant I've since learned is called Sanseviera Cylandrica or most commonly - African Snake Plant.

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I actually first spotted it in the entryway of the home where we picked up Valentino. Here we were picking up our sweet new dog and I am getting all obsessed with the plant in the entryway... figures.  But there's good reason to get excited over this strangely structural variety. Like the more common Sanseviera Trifasciata I waxed poetic about in this post, it is hardy and will even thrive under the poorest of conditions.  You say you have poor light quality or a black thumb? This plant is just for you.

Vogue Cafe // Photo by Herve Goluza via Small Shop Studio
Vogue Cafe // Photo by Herve Goluza via Small Shop Studio

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I think that my excitement over this new to me plant is rooted in the fact that now I have a solution to our own entryway landscape issue. It's relatively light deficient and for the life of me, anything I've wanted to place there to greet incoming guests has decided it's not a good place to grow. I'm going to try a row of Sanseviera Cylandrica and see how it goes. I think the tall, vertical composition of these plants will be the perfect compliment to an otherwise barren backdrop along the front walkway. 

For those of you reading in Southern California, I'll be sure to update this post with some local sources once discovered.

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