Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Current Fixation // Pendant Lighting by Ay Illuminate

Home of Kajsa Cramer / Photographed by Frida Ramstedt from Trendenser
My fascination with Ay Illuminate actually started with the ethereal Koushi Pendant, designed by American Photographer and artist Mark Eden Schooley. I kept coming across interiors featuring a simple wire framed pendant encased in a thin, gauze like cotton and I was just entranced. But then seemingly other versions, featuring a bamboo frame and various organic cloth-like materials also started to catch my eye. Were these one in the same or made by the same artist? I had to know.

Home of Andrea Faulkner-Campi // Designed by Paola Navone and photographed by Wichman + Bendtsen for Dwell
Some research into my new fixation lead me to Ay Illuminate - an artist collective based in The Netherlands, featuring the work of Mark Eden Schooley and Nelson Sepulveda, along with Ay Lin Heinen and Casper Heinen. I've since learned that Schooley is responsible for creating the wire framed and famed Koushi Pendant, that captured the curiosity and fixation of many while hanging on display in favorite Paris store Merci. Nelson Sepulveda created a similar pendant featuring the bamboo frame.

While perusing the Ay Illuminate website, I also came upon various netted options in different colors, shapes and sizes. Above are just few of my new obsessions. 

Home of Marius Haverkamp and Emily Gray // Photographed by L. Desrosiers for Milk

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