Monday, March 31, 2014

Fresh Ideas // Modern + Collected Kitchen

There are so many things I love about this Danish kitchen, but most of all it's the way it balances what could be perceived on the surface as two different aesthetics. Here, there is both a 'just the essentials' modern and collected boho vibe and for me, it works perfectly. The sleek white backdrop is offset nicely by a collection of vintage rugs, seating and accessories. Mixed materials - metals, wood, polished veneer and an unexpected wallpaper treatment all play together nicely in this space. One of my favorite elements though is the makeshift wood counter taken out from the primary galley counter to create not only an extra workspace (that faces out onto a large dining room seen in other images), but a place to sit as well. While the kitchen floors are left bare, the use of multiple smaller kilim rugs of different patterns just steps away keeps it warm and inviting. 



Albertina M. Cisneros said...

what a beautiful and different kitchen. Kitchens are really getting integreated into the rest of the house which is so nice. I really want to get a few rugs for mine.

laura Madalene said...

Your kitchen is perfect with the sleek kitchen and the simple stools. The choice of bright color theme is popular for this minimalist area. White color is great for this kitchen design with small space. The ultramodern kitchen looks sleek and clean with the contemporary kitchen with the black simple stools.
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