Thursday, March 20, 2014

In the Works // Banded Shower Curtain

Our master bath will probably be one of the last rooms to be renovated. It's one of the rooms I've probably spent the most time standing in, planning and plotting out the en suite shower room of my dreams. But doing it right has potential impacts to the footprint of our house, as well as ducting and electrical. In the end, it will be a big, costly endeavor.  But we are like many who buy an older home and want to upgrade it - even temporarily until the real fix can be sorted. I know there are a lot of perspectives out there about investing in temporary upgrades, but in the end, this is a space we will likely live with for at least the next couple of years and we have to make it work for us. So for now, I'm looking at inexpensive ways to make a space we spend a lot of time in everyday a little more satisfying with paint and accessories. One of those solutions involves a pair of drapery panels to help conceal our unsightly shower. 

I've always been a fan of banding and have pulled together a few versions of black and white banded drapery styles that are in the running. Luckily, we have a set of shower doors so without the threat of water, we are free to use a more polished set of panels versus the typical vinyl shower curtain.

I'm thinking this will be a big impact, low investment project that will make the only room I currently dread in the house a little more appealing. The version created by Maxwell House Interiors via Remodelaholic uses grosgrain ribbon and introduced me to a no-sew tape product that will help make this project a snap.  



sharon smith said...

I'm looking at doing the same thing for my living room. Just purchased the fabric. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I love this look! Your examples are perfect.

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