Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Simple Summer Dinner

The temperature both inside and out last night was hovering somewhere between 79 and 84 degrees. When it comes to preparing dinner on warm summer nights like that, I tend to err on the side of easy.  I shoot for minimal effort over a hot stove and I don't even wanna think of turning on the oven. Last night's dinner was a perfect example of a quick and easy meal that still felt a little indulgent. 

Ok, so I did turn on the oven for all of 10 minutes to make crostini (and trust me, I soon regretted it). But you don't have to. Pop some of your favorite crusty bread into the toaster instead. I like to smash a little avocado onto the bread first before topping with chopped tomatoes, garlic, onion and olive oil. I put a block of fresh Romano cheese onto the table as well, thinking we'd dust it over our bruschetta. Old habits die hard though and we just ended up flaking off a couple of chunks to eat alone.

I paired the self serve bruschetta with a wedge salad- something we always order when dining out, but forget to make at home. I was reminded how much I love them! To keep things lighter, I experimented with a version of homemade blue cheese using fat free greek yogurt. It came out a little tangier than a typical blue, but we ate it guilt free. We washed it down with a dry of rose, a perfect compliment to all of the sharp and tangier flavors used in this no fuss meal.


Anonymous said...

Give me that fresh blue cheese ASAP!!! YUM YUM!! I am a cheese maniac. xoxo

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

sounds divine!! and looks it too :) I love a good Rose and anything with avocado. Your photos are beautiful! Love that marble slab.

Alison Dulaney said...

This looks super light and healthy, yum!

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