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Modern Day Americana // Beekman 1802

You often hear people saying that it's time this country gets back to our roots and frankly I couldn't agree more.  The people that most inspire me most these days are those that invest back into their own communities and look for ways to live more responsibly, sustainably and beautifully. Companies that do this have my admiration as well, but you'd be hard pressed to find a company doing so that doesn't have at least one powerful behind the scenes figure who holds those values higher than the bottom line.

Beekman 1802 first caught my attention through the popular reality show The Fabulous Beekman Boys, chronicling the goat farming adventures of Dr. Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer- Purcell as they turned their weekend retreat into a bonafide working farm.  Early episodes showed the two struggling to launch a homemade enterprise and keep the farm afloat. Like any good success story though, lessons were learned along the way and viewers like me were able to empathize with what they ultimately were working to accomplish through all the chaos that made for good TV. 

 The Farm and The Fabulous Beekman Boys weathered the recession and their growing pains and now, business is thriving. Through the learnings of start-up emerged a brand that is doing admirable things at the local level and inspiring people like me on the other side of the country to find the "roots" movement within our own communities. Their products and beautifully concepted branding convey clear messages: revival, simplicity, nostalgia, ingenuity and craftsmanship. 

One of the most appealing aspects of their business is that they've partnered with local artisans who hand craft many of the products they sell in their store. Theirs is an example of people taking care of their own, which is one of the most American traits I can think of.

The Boys showed they've truly learned from the best in class companies they've partnered with because they pulled out all the stops when designing their flagship storefront on Main Street in Sharon Springs. The story behind the building itself is full of fascinating lore that brings even more meaning to every corridor and hallway patrons walk through while filling their hand baskets full of hand-forged goods. Just as intriguing is the background on the detail millwork that went into the entry hall (below)- worth a trip to see in and of itself don't you think? 

Genius branding and design collide at the storefront. The raised Beekman logo puts a modern spin on the refurbished building, while grassy steps give a playful nod to the Farm that produces many of the products sold inside (above). 

One of my favorite aspects on the Beekman 1802 website is the Recipes page, where Josh and Brent publish meals cooked right in their own kitchen. There is also a glimpse into the recently published Heirloom Cookbook below. In true heirloom style, readers are encouraged to experiment and put their own twist on the ingredients, then share outcomes and pictures of their own making. Lucky for us, we all get to pull up a seat at the table and become part of a bigger community inspired by friendly, neighborly Sharon Springs. This one definitely tops my wish list.
Below are some other goodies that you can find at the online Beekman 1802 storefront.

Be a thoughtful neighbor and bake a summer fruit pie in your own kitchen. Deliver it in one of Beekman's heavy duty metal tins and tie it off with a humorous post card. {Good Neighbor Pie Kit}  

Caramel made using goat milk right from the Beekman Farm would be fabulous drizzled over some vanilla ice cream. {Cajeta} 
Display soaps in this whimsical four-legged dish by ceramicist Barbara Murray Sullivan. 
This reduction of balsamic vinegar, figs and elderberries is exactly what your cheese is asking for. {Blaak Drizzle} 
 Hand blended, all natural soaps made from the Farm's own goat milk are available in a variety of scents inspired by what's currently growing in the garden. 
The Mercantile collaborated with nearby Thistle Hill Weavers to create silk scarves in the signature Beekman stripe. 
I can't wait to detox and polish up with these beautifully packaged goat milk soaps made from bamboo charcoal and gold mica (with 23 karat gold flakes!) 

* All images from Beekman1802


Albertina M. Cisneros said...

oh wao! its a whole new world for me. I hadn't heard about this show or anything surrounding this couple. So interesting! And they have such god taste. I love cajeta! and its so special to see it made with goat's milk! Thanks for the intro

Alison Dulaney said...

I love the Beekman boys!I love their show and their store is just so pretty!

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