Tuesday, July 23, 2013

3 {Playful} Things I Want to Make Right Now

I'm feeling particularly playful these days. Maybe it's all the time I've taken lately to relax and just soak up the summer sun each weekend instead of my usual go-go-go routine. But this new pattern has definitely become clear to me. I'm finding myself drawn to bold colors, games and objects clearly meant for fun. You know, it's also funny what a little downtime can do to get the creative juices flowing again. Going into the summer season, I was pretty spent and not feeling very inspired to make, nor write. But those inclinations are slowly percolating back to me and I thought I'd parlay the playful mood I'm in to share three very colorful, frivolous things I really want to make right now.

These DIY Drum Sets created by Elsie + Emma of A Beautiful Mess are the perfect play on color, fun and design. I'm thinking these would be the perfect make ahead holiday gift. 

Over the weekend, I picked up a handful of plastic animals at my local flea market. I think they are destined for these kitschy animal pin cushions found over at Small Good Things

I've had tassels, tassels, tassels on the brain of late and I can't think of a better plan than to pile a bunch of them onto a simple white pillow. I can picture pillows like these from Anthropologie propped up on my nieces' beds. I think I'll whip up a couple of my own.

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