Thursday, January 17, 2013

Staying On Task

I'm a list maker. At any given time I'm logging several lists at once; things to make, things to buy, things to cook, things I need. I've got the BIG list and the little list. I've even got the list that becomes the scratch pad from which another list will inevitably be made. I've made the personal list and the household list, because as the navigator of this ship, I like to know where we're heading. 

I like to detail out my daily tasks to the hour and then revise throughout the day as I'm taken off task by other tasks. This ritualistic insanity somehow makes me feel sane- as if I have any control over matters. Because I'm prolific in my detailing, I typically keep it simple- a steno book and a medium ball point pen. But I like the idea of prettier lists. You know the kind with fancy headings and embossed covers; those thick pads of paper, pre-formatted with big, bright, bold letters designed to lessen the drudgery of daily chores. I like the idea so much, I just may have to pick up some of that pretty.

I'll have to be sure to add that to my list.



Albertina || MimosaLane said...

I'm the same way....need pen and paper...can't do any of the electronic ones...and boy do I love crossing things off my list! I feel so efficient.

Viviana Norden said...

I'm literally finishing one of my daily to-do lists as I read this! Gotta love lists ;)

Kristen said...

I love lists! Lol that sounds kind of funny. I feel so good when I can finish them!

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