Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Palette Play // Charcoal + Honeyed Wood

There are some color combinations that just speak to your personal style. You know them when you see them. They are those go-to hues you recognize long before the other details in the room come into focus. Then once drawn in, you are a quick study to the art on the walls, the styled objects on the table, the fabric of the furniture, suddenly aware of them at every turn, punctuating the decor here and there. 

Well, charcoal paired with warm honeyed wood is that for me. 

I like the bold masculinity of this color palette. It's modern sophistication and rustic at play. This seemingly unnatural pairing are to me, the perfect compliment to one another.  The grain in the wood, made vibrant with stain or oil, lends a natural or handmade dimension to the matte-ness and flat-ness of black paint, plastic and metal. 

It's a combination you'll see more of as we reveal continued progress on the house- particularly outside. But I'm not immune to it's intoxicating effect on me when used indoors as well. 

The warmth of the floorboards and mirror against the matte black wall. 
Mid-century looks fresh + modern with the honeyed grains in the table and legs. The sheen of the leather and lacquered moldings gives further dimension. 
More leather and warm, oiled hardwood in one of my favorite workspaces.
Light walnut stained shutters help reflect the light in this moody office.
(There is a lot more where that came from too... click on the link at bottom- 5- to see more views)
There's something almost nautical about this staircase with paneling overhead.
A favorite alternate pairing // black, warm wood and white always looks fresh + clean.

Honeyed wood gives a hearty welcome from this doorstep. 
The black framed windows are a subtle detail against the front and center wood on the face of this residence
This is the just type of thing you'll see worked into the exterior at Holtwood House. We've already figured upkeep on all the wood into our game plan. 
The lacquered wood on this backyard work shed is framed up beautifully in black
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Sadie + Stella said...

In love with this post!

Viviana Norden said...

Gorgeous inspiration! Newest follower :)

Albertina || MimosaLane said...

love it all! Charcoal and anything grey are becoming my fast obsessions. I think its the pendulum effect for me.....where I have been surrounded by color for some years now and just the calming and soothing of a darker and more serious color palette.

Kristen said...

Great combo. So masculine yet inviting. LOVE the outdoor inspiration! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

celine [starbies and sangrias] said...

I heart these pics so much. Nice!!

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