Monday, January 28, 2013

Leaning + Layered Artwork

This weekend I puttered around the house with my coffee cup, arranging and re-arranging. It was one of those lazy, rainy weekends, the kind constructed of loose plans, a full fridge and a trip or two to the movie theater, you know, if we kinda sorta felt like going. I love those weekends. There are too few of them.

"You're so funny. You are always moving stuff around."

For someone who finds true change a little unsettling, I'm certainly not one to shy away from switching things up around the house. But by Sunday afternoon, after two days of walking around in my yoga pants, pulling things off walls and shifting books and all that stuff around, I could tell The Mister was not finding the same contentment in all my activity. I think he just wants it done, even if he knows deep down that it probably will never be.

That fact is argument alone for leaning the artwork against the wall in our home rather than hanging it. Indecision makes for a lot of holes in these freshly painted walls.

1 | 2 | 3 

I like the ever-evolving, collected look of it anyway. It certainly gives the room dimension and even as a collection, I find that I stop and take notice of an individual piece in a way I might not have if it were otherwise hung on the wall.



Kristen said...

I love the look of this! I actually do it quite often because I'm like you, things are always in rotation. I think it gives a space a more collected, non fussy, boho vibe that I love to mix in.

Albertina || MimosaLane said...

I do love this look as well! I have like 5 framed pieces in my study against the first they were waiting for me to identify a place for them....then I began getting used to them there and recognized that they actually covered some printer and phone cables and that they looked they have found their home right there.

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