Friday, January 25, 2013

Bird's Eye View

I thought I'd cap the week off and update you all on a fun little side project currently in the works. I told you previously that I am working on a few rooms over at my sister's house. Well one of those belongs to a little girl very near and dear to my heart- my niece Bird. In full disclosure, Bird shares this room with her toddler sister, my niece Hailey. But as the eldest, Bird gets to call the shots for their shared space, or so says her Aunt who has designed the room especially with her bright and bold personality in mind.
Like most 7 year old girly girls, Bird is fond of purple and pink. So the plan is to custom make a pink linen headboard with brass nailhead trim and pair it with a soft lilac, ikat comforter. Other patterns like the spots, floral and stripes will be brought in as bedding and crib accents, as well as through the floor pillows for playtime and reading. I've got loads of this fabric and we are going to make it all play nicely together!

Two dressers that already reside in the room will also get a quick makeover with some paint, fresh hardware and O'verlays. One will get a fresh coat of white with the floral knobs from Anthropologie, while the other will get the full treatment with fretwork details and brass handles. I'm still undecided about the hue of orangey-red to coat that one with. But for now, I'm really liking Benjamin Moore's Bull's Eye Red (see b above).

Target is featuring this adorable Cockatiel lamp and shade as part of their Cottage Home Decor Collection in stores right now. I think that would serve as cute tongue in cheek reminder to my girl that her Aunt really wanted to design a bright and happy space for her to retreat to. When I'm resourcing and laying out plans, I always envision both she and my younger niece playing dress up in that room, reading and singing to each other surrounded by these playful patterns and hues.

Of course there will other fun and colorful art and accessories to make this happy room come to life. But I don't want to give it all away just yet... not even to Bird.


jackie jade said...

bird is the cutest name and love what you've come up with! i would love this room even as an adult. i might need to get one of those lamps from target... have a great weekend!

Albertina // mimosa lane said...

Bird is too cute! Love you ideas and color palette. You are the world's best aunt. I'm still not over the tents you made for you nieces and nephews.

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