Monday, December 17, 2012

How 'bout a Little Pretty?

Christmas Tree selection and decorating is serious business at Holtwood House. We've patronized the same lot for the last 13 years, even through our move, which now has us driving 20 miles round trip to retrieve our tree. Our tree is typically selected on a Thursday or Friday evening to allow time for flocking (because when you live in a part of the country where Christmas day can often mean 80 degrees, you have to fake it 'til you make it) and decorating no doubt consumes the entire Saturday afternoon that follows. While this may seem a bit obsessive, I say consistency is the key to creating your own traditions and there is no better time to carry through on tradition than at Christmas time. 

Especially when the result is this pretty.

It's always a black and white Christmas around these parts. For the last couple of years, we've added a bit of whimsy, first with these blackbirds (recycled crows from Halloween decor) and now with the gilded beasts that stand guard at the base of the tree to ward off any nosy surprise spoilers.  The dark undertones of our theme are offset by the candy colored lights wound around the branches. The key to a show stopping light spectacle? Go deep my friends. Take those lights all the way in toward the trunk and use bulbs in varying shapes and sizes whenever possible. 

We took full advantage of the vaulted ceilings this year and picked out a tree that easily tops 9 feet. New Year's resolution: finally furnish the adjoining dining area. The absence of furniture worked out beautifully though, as we needed some extra space to accommodate the tree and of course, these light boxes from a party we planned last year.  The lights work together to create the most magnificent glow.

We put all of the extra lights and ornaments to use around the house. This small display under a side table in the living room makes me smile each time I walk past it.



Kristen said...

O wow! Your tree looks amazing! In love with the way you did your lights!!

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

No way!!! I'm so impressed with your amazing tree!! I love the colored lights too! Happy, Happy!!

Sadie + Stella said...

How gorgeous is this?!?!I am blown away by your skills my dear!

Nancy said...

Very fun. It is outstanding!
xo Nancy

jackie jade said...

love the kinda dark decorating going on here but the colorful lights keep it so fun! i also love your little beast guards, but i think my dogs would think the beasts were toys laid out just for them :) will need to think of another place to put out some fun beasts!

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