Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day-tripping // LA Garment District

I have a lot of projects in the queue at the moment; pillows and upholstering, draperies and even some that are holiday-related. These projects fulfill my love of creating, but also serve to shave some cost off my decorating budget. Renovating and decorating an entire house can become a costly affair. I've come to learn however that while I might be saving some serious bucks by making these things on my own, even frugality has its limits. The cost of supplies can quickly add up. I spend quite a bit of time online searching for the best bargains, but even shipping costs can quickly eat in to whatever savings I might have found.

I recently took advantage of the beautiful Fall weather we've been enjoying here in Southern California and decided to jet to the LA Garment District, in search of some real deals on yardage I could put to use in that long list of projects.

First stop: Michael Levine. There's a rooftop parking space conveniently situated near this fabric hot spot. This is one place to go if you are in the market for Home Decor fabric. 

Note: they also have a restroom (bring a quarter!), a rare find among these crowded streets.

So many hides at Michael Levine!

We trekked our way up and down 8th and Maple Streets in search of some novelty fabric and notions. I scored on some large invisible zippers for the 22" pillows I plan to make for our sofa- a total bargain at $0.75 each!  

A few furry finds will be used in holiday gifts + decor.
In the end, I drove home a little giddy at the bargains I was able to procure. The cost for one project was cut in half and that alone was reason enough for the trip.

A few things that made this trip easier for me:

I read up before traveling out. This guide provided some helpful hints on which stores inventory a particular specialty stock and where some of the better deals can be found. One of the best pieces of advice from this post: Don't be turned off by what might be sitting outside the store. Always take a look inside. That's where the good stuff is.

I took a buddy with me. Fabric gets heavy really quickly. If you can't take a friend, opt for a little hand cart or backpack to keep your arms free to browse.

Make a list. It may seem like common-sense, but I'm so glad I had my list of needed supplies with me. What you might find here will go beyond fabric alone. For example, had I not had a list of all my supplies with me, I might not have noticed the zippers or grommets I needed for two different projects.

Bring Cash. You will need it for parking, restrooms and the bottom line, it's just easier. Every store has a different policy- some are cash only. You don't want to miss out.



Hannah said...

Great tips! It can be so overwhelming. Also if you go in the summer drink lots of water! I almost passed out last time I went!

Sam [The Peak of Tres Chic] said...

The fabrics the fabrics!!!!! Yummmmm.

celine [starbies and sangrias] said...

Dude. I so need to get to LA. Awesome. Can't wait to see what you do!

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