Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Food Presentation Your Party Guests Will Talk About

Hosting a holiday soiree? A little proactive planning and prep-work just might allow you to attend your own party and leave guests talking about the food.

I came across the Platters & Punches feature in the December issue of Real Simple magazine and dare I say I've been talking about the food ever since. Beautifully photographed by Mitchell Feinberg, the images showcase some fresh ways of presenting a self-serve holiday buffet. Punches punctuated by fresh herbs and platters that play with color and contrast will at once beckon guests to the table while leaving them questioning if they should even disturb such artful presentation. They'll wonder how you ever had time to do it all.

Fortunately, your catering game plan is already made easy by the folks over at Real Simple. Shh...I won't tell if you won't.


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Kristen said...

Perfect timing for my holiday party! Who knew food could look so pretty?

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