Tuesday, May 1, 2012

{Project Reveal} Budget Bedroom Makeover

In yesterday's post, I shared all about the inspiration and plans for my Sister's big bedroom update. Today, I'm showing you the happy outcome of all that fluffing and fussing this past weekend.

Remember, we started out with some spare furnishings in the space. She had recently moved in and knew that we'd be going to work with some new bedding and wall art to bring this space to life. 

This guest room featured in Domino served as the inspiration for our make-over.

The idea was to up-cycle a lot of what she and I already owned between us. I scoured my treasure trove of fabrics, linens, pillow inserts and curtains in the weeks before. Once there, we moved in accessories and photos found elsewhere throughout the house to polish off the space.  Only minimal purchases were made. 

We played off the Domino guest room image; the red headboard I made, the pin-stripped black and white bedding and blue ikat throw pillows were all influenced by that design favorite. The headboard will eventually don a nailhead trim border much like the Domino image. I had pre-orded some upholstery nails, but when they arrived last week, I decided they were not what I had in mind.  Some bedside accessories we added gave it a real "his" and "hers" touch.

The pillows in the Domino image were made of this Ikat design. I found a look-alike fabric that was really so beautiful in person for only $8.98 a yard here. The fusible grosgrain ribbon applied as a border to the shams added some extra sophistication.

For attractive home make-overs on the cheap, I always turn to IKEA. I've got a real soft spot for this big blue box, because I'm always able to find something I can hack and turn into exactly what I'm looking for. Like these sconces. I've been infatuated with brass sconces lately. Brass sconces with a black shade are even better. To achieve a similar look, I sprayed these IKEA sconces a metallic gold and topped them with some simple black shades found on the next aisle over. Total cost with the shade: $25.

These metallic curtains once resided in my own home. I'm in the process of replacing them with some black and white striped panels and was able to put these to work for us in hers.

Yes, it's true. I jumped on that bandwagon. I saw. I "pinned". I made.  This simple weeknight project added a little edge to the room that in just a few hours had gone from bedroom to master suite.



house of earnest said...

great job! I love all of the little luxe details like the gold sconces and the black trim on the shams! It turned out wonderfully!

Liz - So Much to Smile About said...

What an amazing job! It looks absolutely beautiful! Gotta love some pinterest inspiration :)

Bubble My Licorice said...

amazing post :)
I love all those photos!


Michelle said...

Look so amazing! Love the black-trimmed shams! Such a fun detail!

Rachel {little bits of lovely} said...

What a fabulous makeover - it looks fantastic! I love the sheets with the black trim, so lovely! Thank you so much for stopping over my blog, so nice to meet you! xx

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