Monday, May 14, 2012

10 Rules for a Happy Marriage...

I can't believe it's Monday again. Where did last week go? Come to think of it, where did the week before that go?

It feels like things are moving pretty fast lately; events, work, projects and to-do lists are constantly pulling at us and sometimes it feels like we're not stopping to smell the roses.

This week, The Mister and I will mark another year of marriage. What a perfect opportunity to pause and reflect on how far we've come together and on all of the wonderful things that are happening- RIGHT NOW. And just like the start of a New Year, it's also a great occasion to resolve to do better.

I found a few noteworthy reminders to help us kick off a new day- and another year.


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Like Me Some said...

Congrats!!! My mister & I are celebrating another year today! 14 to be exact! Loved the tips:)

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