Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The House We Eloped To

This week has me reminiscing about the weekend The Mister and I eloped to the desert. Of course we brought 150 of our nearest and dearest and had one hell of a party. But in my memory, that adventure started out with just the two of us, rising early to load up a carload of carefully packed boxes and suitcases, then smiling with excitement as we pulled away from our home to go seal our fate.

I think I've honed my design palette on many beautiful spaces over the years. But there is one influence that really stands head and shoulders above the rest. Perhaps it's because of the memories I made over the three days our families bunked up together preceding our wedding day. Perhaps it was set in motion much earlier than that even- during the planning, scheming and dreaming in the four months that preceded that stay. But the house we were married in, will forever be the house of my dreams.

The four bedroom, five bath modern-regency style house was built in 1967 and is situated on a winding street of old money estates, built by the likes of Palmer, Kriesel and Alexander, in the Vista Las Palmas neighborhood in Palm Springs.

I always wondered about the home owners. I wondered how they could even temporarily share such a magnificent space with group of total strangers ready to get their party on. I thought they must be crazy to willingly open their palatial front doors and allow a crowd of wedding crashers to do "the lawnmower" and "the shopping cart" across their beautifully polished terrazzo floors.

I know I could not do it.

If it were mine, I wouldn't share it with anyone... except maybe 150 of my nearest and dearest.

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designstiles said...

Oh my goodness, this house is incredible. I wouldn't want to share it either. Except, of course, with 150 of MY closest friends. :) Renting a home in Palm Springs has been on my list.

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