Wednesday, April 1, 2015


My favorite dinner preparation method just might be roasting. I've figured out that I can chop up just about any vegetable and protein, toss it in some olive oil, a little garlic and salt and pepper and stick it in the oven for a quick and healthy dinner. Add to that a cup of brown rice and I'm happy to call that dinner any night of the week. There are very few dishes to wash and my meal is usually ready in under 30 minutes from start to finish. I've taken to this "new" way of eating - abandoning many of the multi-ingredient, calorie laden recipes I was trying to balance making on a work night for the sake of variety. The truth is, I can alter the type of vegetable and protein from night to night and still not feel as though I'm eating the same meal over and over and my body is feeling better for it. But I also have a couple of tricks that have served me well to keep things light and inventive- particularly when leaving out the protein. Cue in some homemade dressing and a grater. 

I stumbled across the amazingly simple way to take ordinary cauliflower and reduce it to a rice-like texture somewhere within the Pinterest rabbit hole and once I did, my life may have changed forever. I was so happily surprised at how much the grated cauliflower easily subbed in for my go to brown rice - without all the extra carbs. Both the cauliflower and vegetables really pair so well with the tangy tahini dressing, which when prepared, will actually be enough for several bowls should you possibly have any leftover for lunch the next day. Make this on a Tuesday night or when hosting lunch for your friends on a Sunday afternoon. It's a tasty and versatile enough dish to work on either occasion.


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