Thursday, April 23, 2015

The One Room Challenge // Week 4

I spent the final evening of Week 4 of The One Room Challenge sliding around the perimeter of my husband's soon to be made over home office, painting out trim and baseboards. This stretch of the ORC is always a little sticky. Fatigue and doubt typically bring some of the excitement from the earlier weeks to a grinding halt. The bank account begins to dwindle while receipts pile up on the kitchen table. It's also usually right about now where I make belated decisions on product orders and subject myself to spending the final two weeks chewing my nails, anxiously hoping boxes will arrive in time for install. Having done this twice before, I know what I'm in for at this stage of the game and have learned to embrace it as the calm before the storm. Slippers and chardonnay help as well.

The truth is, Week 4 is typically boring. For me, I find that I'm still laying the groundwork for all the colorful pretty, which in my house, means I'm still seeing things largely in black and white.  I did manage to get the brick wall painted out in my favorite dark and moody charcoal. I'm super pleased with how this turned out. It's exactly what I envisioned and appears as though it's been here all along.

Aside from the painted brick wall, the windows are another transformative update in the room. I carried the paint job we've completed in other parts of the house into my husband's office and painted out the aluminum frames in black satin enamel. The result, a dead ringer for the steel case windows I've so desperately wanted to install for quite some time. I can't wait to show you... 

Adding both height and dimension to our square white box is the gallery wall, now taking shape above the credenza. We'll skip the laminate shelves that usually go hand in hand with this type of system and use real wood as a contrast to warm up all the black and white currently found in the room. 

 These lights are currently on order. Crossing my fingers that they clear customs in time for the install and photos in Week 6.

 So that's where I am as I bring you the latest update on my husband's masculine office make over. 
As a refresh, you can view where I've started from and progress in preceding weeks here:

I post updates throughout the week on Instagram. Follow along for some behind the scenes outtakes.

I'm not alone in this! There is a great community of 150+ bloggers also participating in this edition of The One Room Challenge, a trademarked online makeover event created by Linda of Calling it Home. Please be sure and stop by and give my blogmates some encouragement in one of the hardest weeks of the series.



Alana in Canada said...

Love the black and white. You are making me rethink my decision to leave off a brick wall. I just may succumb. That would have me chewing my nails for sure.

mrs. V | Chez V said...

Looking good chica! I know it will be amazing - especially the addition of the warm wood shelves.

Splendor in Spanglish said...

Love the black and white. Love the light fixtures!! This is going to be good I know it :)

Sarah said...

Erin, I always love your attitude and design! I'm loving the color of the brick wall! I wish I was daring enough to paint walls dark, it gives a room such drama. I also like that you carried the color of pallet of the rest of your house in your husband's office. Often times people don't think about the overall design of their home when designing a space. This light fixture is so cool and I know the shelves will be too! Can't wait to see this room finished in 2 week! XOXO, Sarah

Vanessa@Decor Happy said...

Love the painted brick wall and can't wait to see your painted window frames. This is going to be good!

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

This is look fabulous!! You made so much progress! This will be amazing like everything you do!

Tricia @ Suburban Bitches said...

OMG you are cracking me up because that is precisely how I'm feeling right about now! In fact I feel like there's a couple of things that I've forgot to order and I better get a move on while chewing my nails and get them ordered!
Your room is going to be so gorgeous! Love the lights that you picked out.
Good luck with the next week and a half!

Kevin | Thou Swell said...

What a brilliant way to transform your windows, I've always loved the steel frame look! And the industrial light fixtures with that great dark gray brick wall = amazing!

Kim said...

Love this masculine makeover! The lighting is perfect, will keep all fingers and toes crossed that they come in on time!!

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