Thursday, April 2, 2015


At long last, The One Room Challenge Spring 2015 link up is here! I must admit I'm becoming a bit addicted to this semi-annual trademarked event, that brings together some of the best (and fastest!) home decor makeovers in the blogosphere. Yesterday, twenty design bloggers selected by host Linda of Calling it Home unveiled their one-room schemes. Today, I'm linking up with many others to share plans for a long awaited makeover of yet another room in my own home - my husband's home office.  

This is a room that has been somewhat of an afterthought, taking on bits and pieces that might not quite work in other rooms, but happily take their place here because, well neither of us want to give up on them or they count as an upgrade to what already existed. Consequently, there is already a lot of stuff hanging out in this space, but until now there has been very little in the way of cohesiveness. One of my objectives will be to unify (and better highlight) some of the cool little artifacts that have become lost on too large a wall, amidst piles on the shelf and behind closet doors. 

Many of my flea market finds have made their way here. I seem to see my husband in so many of the spoils from these weekend trips and he graciously accepts whatever I bring home to hang on his wall. Over the next 6 weeks (eek!) I'll look to better balance some of what I see fitting this space with more of the things he says he wants and needs out of it. 

That will surely bring about compromises. No offense to any of those Goodfellas, but it's always made me shake my head a little that we have a picture of these guys on a wall in our home. To each his own- my husband loves it (and he's already made sacrifices by storing away portraits of Bob Marley and Tupac). Seriously. The bongos can stay. But I'm betting that the margarita glass will probably go- I don't care if he says it's for change.

I have 6 weeks to tie it all together and make this a more inspiring space for him to work from while working some magic to make it compliment our home. I'll be posting each Thursday on my progress and will share all the triumphs and obstacles of making over a space that actually must be functional enough to be used each day in the interim. Hey, I'll count it as my first success if I can get that poor plant in a pot before I report back next week. Be sure to check out and cheer on my design-mates in blogland over at Calling it Home as well.

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making it in the mountains said...

Cannot wait to see what you do with this space!

Brit -House Updated said...

I loved your master bedroom last time around so can't wait to see this space!

celine@aquahaus said...

Can't wait. You are always the craftiest!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

Your husband will love however you transform his office! I am sure it will be great, and I am excited to see.

Erin said...

Good luck over the next few weeks. I'll be following along.

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