Monday, March 23, 2015


It's been over two months since I've written a post for this blog. I've wanted to write many times since then, I've even had "write blog post" on my daily list more times than I can count. It's not that this blog hasn't been important to me, it's just that I had to let other things be important too. 

The upside is that over the last 10 weeks, I've accumulated so many wonderful tales and projects to talk to you about and I can't wait. I also took the time to sort of reset - both goals and personal aspirations within my own life, as well as my point of view for future posts here on the blog. I took time away from other blogs as well so that I could remember to hear my own voice. When creating content for five posts a week, I think its entirely too easy to get caught up in a vacuum of expectations about what you think people want to see and hear. In the end, I have a clearer vision for what I want to share with you all here at Holtwood Hipster and as fresh posts unfold over the next days and weeks, I hope you'll have a clearer vision about me and what I want to put out there in the world. 

I'm anxious to share and if you are still checking in here once in a while to see if a new post has been written, I am also very, very grateful that you do. 


image source:  for the love of the south

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celine@aquahaus said...

Yay! I've missed you and your extreme talents on the blogosphere. You are amazingly talented and so freaking real and cool. Welcome back and can't wait to see what you have in store for us.

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