Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Road Trip

This past weekend we took a long road trip right up the center through California's farmland. If I'm being honest, a drive up North is probably one of the things I dread most because it means sitting captive... for hours on end in a car (oh the horror!). I consider myself to be up for any great adventure, but the kind seen through the passenger seat window is not usually my favorite. I'm an observer in many senses, but the kind of sightseeing I typically favor includes long walks and maybe a short subway ride. In the end though, the distance on the odometer would eventually take us to a family friend's wedding and to California's Bay Area, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on Earth. So the promise of all that at the end of the road, well- it made the trip up, all the more easier to accept.

But I have to tell you that the scenery on the way back down may have sealed the deal and actually have made me a road trip convert yet.

It's not quite Steinbeck country- that's technically a little closer to the coast. But the velveteen color of the hills was right and the shadows cast as the sun danced with the clouds was straight out of any one of his books. 

I realized that the coming of Fall, with its dreamy filtered light, made this the perfect occasion to take in California's heartland. Ironically though, one of the things I came to love most about our road trip adventure was the prospect of stepping back out of the car to snap photos like these.

California takes a lot of comedic punches (and ok, they are funny because they are mostly true). But I'm pretty certain that my home state is one of the most majestic places there is on this planet. 

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