Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bahama Mama

This just happened. Literally, I was just standing on this beautiful Bahamian beach just mere hours ago. My luggage still sits in our entryway, sand sure to spill from every crack and crevice when I finally work up the energy to unpack. The end of Summer always stings a little. But returning home from a vacation that I daydreamed my way about over the course of the past several weeks certainly makes it a little more painful as I head off to work this morning.

I hinted at some vacation plans several weeks ago, but sorta kept this one to myself. I think contrary to what my plane ticket said, I wasn't quite sold on the fact that a stay at Atlantis, Paradise Island on Nassau was actually going to happen. But we actually got to cross this one off the bucket list. In all honesty, this trip was  a service gift to The Mister on behalf of his company and this proud wife was just lucky enough to tag along. 

We laid on this nearly secluded stretch of beach for two days. 

There were a few magical evenings, including this private dinner event staged right on the sand in front of the hotel. Every sense was catered to that night and it was definitely a highlight on our trip.

Aside from a trip or two into town to sample some local Bahamian fare (The Fish Fry!), our days were pretty much spent doing absolutely nothing but laying waterside, drink in hand listening to some very good music (which I'm starting to understand might just be how vacations were meant to be spent). 

The resort itself is pretty magical. Complete with slides, two lazy rivers, aquariums and water sports galore, it most certainly caters to families with children. A Vegas style casino, lounges, bathing pools and spa also made it very easy to carve out an adult vacation as well. 

The Bahamian people were lovely. We had a very luxurious stay at the resort, but reflecting back on the last couple of days, I keep coming back to the gracious, smiling, always ready with a joke or recommendation, friendly people we encountered on our stay in their country - both inside and outside the hotel. For me, meeting and talking with the local people is always one of the best parts of the travel experience. We had some taxi rides we'll probably talk about long after our tans have faded and I only wish I could go back and thank the guy who implored us to try the grouper fingers at Twin Brothers down at The Fish Fry - off the charts amazing and something I'd never be able to duplicate in my own kitchen.  

Thinking of taking a trip to the Bahamas? I'd be so happy to share a few tips with you. But I wholeheartedly encourage you to get out and ask for suggestions from the people who live locally. We did on several occasions and not once were we steered wrong. 

So that's it. I'm back from our big Summer vacation and like so many others following the US Labor Day holiday, I'm headed off to work once again. I took a bit of an unexpected blog hiatus over the last couple of weeks, but I'll be back at it with a full posting schedule in the days to come.

Tomorrow... I'm sharing a little brassy DIY that will help zhush up your console table just in time for Fall.  Be sure to check back in for the step by step.


Kristen said...

WOW. I have always wanted to go there! Looks like such a dream...

jackie jade said...

looks so amazing! we're headed to mexico next week which i am excited about, but the bahamas sounds so so awesome!
-- jackie @ jade and oak

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

Wao!! Amazing!! SO glad you got to get away and relax. I have never stayed there but went once for the day it was so much fun. We actually went to a few islands very close by. One of them had vegetarian iguanas...but they were huge! ANd they would come up to you looking for fruit. it was unreal. I loved it. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us tomorrow!

Elizabeth // The Now said...

Ahhhhh! One of my favorite trips ever was to the Bahamas. You are so lucky that you got to get away, relax and soak up some sun! Glad you had a fabulous time. xoxo

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