Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Houseplans // Pocket Doors

We have several areas in our home that I'd love to be able to close off sometimes. Visiting pets and kids, loud and competitive games of Scrabble, the Monday night game and a garlicky pasta dish are all occasions where we could really use a pocket door or two. There are at least two areas where a traditional swing door is just not in the works - one in which we actually have a door now that is constantly in the way. So I've been doing a little research into what I originally thought would be a no-brainer, easy decision. Turns out, there's a little more involved than I had originally bargained for. 

Do we keep it simple and opt for a non-decorative door? It should compliment the others in our house, but we're on the fence about what we will eventually do with those. To adorn or not to adorn? It's one one option we'll have to consider.

I love the look (and mostly the idea) of glass paned doors. It might not be a practical solution for our needs (wet dog noses and someday, sticky fingers). But in areas where natural lighting would be important, they really do a beautiful job of balancing privacy with little compromise.

 The target locations in our home would not allow for a double-door situation. But I sure love the drama that would result when pulling open the double doors to make an entrance into a room.

One of the areas we are considering is the split between the vanity and shower/toilet in our en suite bath. We currently have a swing door there that takes up most of the vanity area when open. The sleek discretion offered by a pocket door would allow us to close off that secondary portion of our bath when needed and help us preserve precious space near the vanity.

The other area would help us divide up the house between the kitchen and bedroom wing. Noise is not a huge factor at the moment, but thinking ahead, it'd be nice to be able to close off that area when we have a sleeping baby in the house.

Then there is the hardware to consider. We'll probably opt for something minimalistic in the end, but it's been fun to daydream about a more pronounced pull on the door. 

There are many more things to consider before we even get to that point though. We'll want to hang some wall coverings and a more permanent art installation on the dining room wall over the next couple of months. But before we do that, we will need to complete any installation of a pocket door, as it would require us to open up a portion of the wall. 

...Silly me. I thought we would simply cut into the doorframe to install. 

Images sourced here:
Plain Jane 1 / 2
Decked Out 1 / 2 
Glass Paned 1 / 2
Single Door 1 / 2
Double Door 1 /


Albertina M. Cisneros said...

such a beautiful post! I loved all your images gathered for inspiration! I do love a pocket door. I love the embellished doors but really love the look of the more simple ones.

Alison Dulaney said...

Your inspiration is just fantastic, I love the doors with architectural elements, just stunning!

Replace Sliding Glass Door With Single Door said...

such a beautiful post! thanks for posting.

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