Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Fantastical 3-D Art of Amy Boone-McCreesh

Under the Big Top
I present to you, my latest infatuation. I was doing some research on another post I have planned when I came upon the colorful and inspiring art of Amy Boone-McCreesh. At first glance, I saw party and celebration, but then other aspects emerged - tribal, custom and religion... and though seemingly impossible amidst all the sparkle and tissue, a slight bit of somberness.

New Culture

I read a bit more about the Artist and in her own words, suddenly it all made sense.

Currently, my work is a tribute to craft and the long human tradition of making. I am interested in exploring the cultural lines between functional items and decoration and revisiting these themes in the context of contemporary art.  Found objects, second-hand fabrics, celebratory ephemera, repetition and the amassing of materials and mark-making are my primary vehicles for expression. Referencing the visual vocabulary within my three-dimensional work has acted as a way to inform and ground the abstract compositions of my two-dimensional work. It is my interest to evoke imagery of rituals, tradition and ceremony while maintaining a contemporary aesthetic.

The Simple Life
All Idols Fall
Everyone is Safe
Maximal Mermaid Mirror

Perhaps the favorite of my favorites:

Garland and Totems

See more of Amy's beautiful work here.



Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

oh my dear god - this is so unique and fun. i love her stuff! thanks for the intro!!

sharon smith said...

Very cool....
Very creative.....


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