Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Stilling My Soul

It's the same drill every morning and if time permits, evenings too. Some might find any way to get out of such a mundane household chore, but for me, the 20 minutes I spend watering the lawn is a routine I look forward to each day. Hell, some days even depend on it.

I think everyone needs an activity that they can get lost in, something that stills their soul for a brief period of time so that they can just "turn off" for a while. Every single morning- workday or not, I'm predictably out watching the sun come up over the rooftops in my neighborhood with a coffee cup in one hand and garden hose in another. I don't use this time to run through a mental to-do list. I don't watch the news or check email for messages like I did for so many mornings before we moved into the house. Instead, I've learned to start the day off by getting outside and waving good morning to my neighbors. It helps me feel connected to the people I reside amongst and the time out in the fresh air is something I take with me all day long while sitting in front of a computer.

If evenings permit or if the day was too hectic, I know this task will reliably help me bring it all into perspective.

What about you? Are there certain rituals or routines that you turn to when you need to shut it all off?


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