Thursday, September 20, 2012

Oversized Mirrors + A Dilemma

I find myself in the midst of a somewhat fortuitous dilemma and I just can't seem to make up my mind. See, we just became the potential recipients of a custom made, 71 x 52", very thickly cut, beveled mirror. Trouble is, I am not sure what we should do with it.

It's kind of a boon to be offered a piece of this quality and stature. There is also some sentimental value attached to this mirror, that was custom made by a family friend. But up until now, my grand design plan for Holtwood House had not previously incorporated a mirror of this magnitude.

My very first thoughts turned to this:

This image was love at first sight for me. Trouble is, we already have a large Christian Chaize-esque photo hanging above our headboard that I'm in love with, right where it is.

So I've started to consider other ways of incorporating our new windfall.

Francois Halard Photography Via

So damn pretty right? 

The jury is still out, but I've almost arrived at a place where we can hang this sucker. 


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elissae said...

I think it would look good in your entry as the reflective surface might really open the space. And the pic with the white console is dreamy. But the mirror as headboard is to die for. Stunning! Pretty much what I come to expect at Holtwood House: unique and classic. Maybe in the dining room off the living room. Might add some dimension and depth to that intimate space.

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