Monday, September 24, 2012

Race Day Pics

On Friday, I mentioned that I would be taking part in the Race for the Cure event over the weekend in Newport Beach. Thought I'd share a few pictures I snapped during the race on Sunday morning. Over 19,000 people crossed the finish line during the early morning race. It was a beautiful and balmy morning and the mood was very celebratory and light, despite some heavy hearts walking those streets. 

The event was hosted by Komen Orange County, supporting local breast health outreach, screening and mammography for women in need. 25% of the funds raised on Sunday will also go directly into the Komen Global Research Fun to energize science and help find a cure for Breast Cancer. 

This particular brand of cancer has not been the one to hit close to home for my family. But cancer is cancer and it's effects on people and their families are one in the same. Nonetheless, statistics tell us that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed in their lifetime. Early detection through screening and ultimately a cure for this disease will benefit us all. 

What struck me most about race day were the crowds of people. Cancer is a seemingly helpless and lonely business. But no matter what effect (if any) this terrible, terrible thing has had on the people that showed up Sunday morning, it just felt good to do something. Because when you're dealing with it close up and personal, it can feel like the universe is working against you.  

It certainly didn't feel that way on Sunday. There were people celebrating survival, other's walking in memoriam and others still who will return to their own treatment this morning. For those few hours at least, the battle did not feel so lonely. And all at once, that is comforting and sobering. 

So, so glad I did this Sunday. 

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