Friday, March 23, 2012

Rainy Day Craft: Dyed Easter Eggs


We're expecting our first Spring rain this weekend, just in time for a big family get together we have planned. While typically our extended family brood would spill out of the house and onto the patio and backyard, we've decided this Spring shower will give us the perfect opportunity to do a little side by side activity. 

I haven't dyed Easter Eggs in many years. Heck, it wasn't even an annual ritual in our family while I was a child. But I've come across so many fun and unique decorating methods recently, that I'm feeling really inspired to add a little seasonal color to our home.

Rubber band method
Dip Dye method
Homage to CMYK
Thread Wrapped
Dyed with Rit (Pretty hues- but  not food safe!)
Naturally Dyed with Vegetables (Food Safe!)
Chalkboard Paint
(Ok, technically not "dyed" but just as fun!)
Lines and Letters

I may take a dipped approach to this project. Perhaps a little gold and neon action?


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house of earnest said...

I'm excited to do some egg things :) I like several of these and just can't decide what direction I'll take :) You should show yours when they're done!

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