Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Holtwood House Redux

Remember this post where I shared a bit about our plans for Holtwood House's upcoming exterior facelift? Well, an April start date is at last on the books. I think I've been planning and plotting for this since we first toured her.

She'll be getting brand new stucco, front windows, lighting fixtures, a little bit of concrete work around the planters, a shiny new paint job and a custom built privacy screen to camouflage a long patch of wall and add architectural interest. Our goal is to polish off the work with some modern textural grasses and other drought tolerant landscaping just before summertime. 

Part of the preparations over the next few weeks include selecting new lighting fixtures. I admit that the software I used to put the model above together was a bit limited in it's selection. We're likely going to go with something a little more modern and not so lantern-like for the sconces out front. Here's where my head is at (partial to 1 and 2):

1 / 2 / 3

These Andromeda planters due out shortly from West Elm will likely get placed on either side of the garage door as well. They're killer.

Of course there will be new house numbers that we plan to mount to the wood privacy screen like so... 

And some other shiny metal objects elsewhere...

1 / 2 / 3 

Though if I'm being truly honest, we'll probably end up with more budget friendly, like-enough alternatives for the doorbell and mailbox.  

The plans are starting to come together out there. This old gal deserves it. She's been wearing the same clothes since the late 60's and it's high time she's had a make over.  


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