Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Modern Day Work Sheds

I've long dreamed of carving out some little niche in my yard for a separate workspace. I think this desire was born out of necessity- or maybe just pure insanity- when we once lived in our little back house by the beach. One of the two bedrooms in the house had been outfitted into an full fledged office, complete with all the unsightly media equipment that space could handle. It was always quite the juggle when we'd have house guests, blowing up air mattresses and such to return the makeshift home office to it's natural bedroom state. Add to that the bevy of sewing and art supplies, gift wrap and the like, and soon that little room was bursting at the seams and taking with it every bit of productive energy I had in me.

I was reminded of that time when I recently saw this custom workspace featured on Grassroots Modern.

It so beautifully solves that modern day problem of creating separate working and living areas at home. I was immediately drawn to all that gloriously stained wood- my obsession of late. The surrounding modern xeriscape creates further divide between the house and garden aspects of the property, with concrete pavers marking the way toward an easy morning commute.

It made me curious to see what other pre-fab solutions might be out there for those of us not so handy in the create-a-building-from-scratch department.

These window-ful stunners are by UK company In.It.Studios 

Poteet Architects, out of San Antonio, also came up with this colorful eco-friendly shipping container solution that has been making the internet rounds.

Speaking of color, Modern Shed offers some retro-chic options that can be customized to add a few extra hues to the garden landscape.

I'm still partial to the warm wood siding paired with the darkest of grays. That little shack would be right at home here at Holtwood House post-reno.

Have you come across others out there that have become your inspirational workday hideaways?

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