Tuesday, March 13, 2012

{Fresh Ideas} Morrison Hair

Morgan and Laure recently completed the design for Morrison Hair in Laguna Beach, CA. Did you see the pics? Stunning, no?

I've revisited the finished project images several times since they were released, jotting down little bits of inspiration that I think will help keep the design here at Holtwood House fresh and light. This one in particular was packed with ideas sure to welcome any guest who comes through the front door.

Until now, I've potted only orchids and small succulents in glass. I love the juxtaposition of a tall prickly Torch Cactus set in it's delicate container beneath. 

Also love that they bottled up water for guests at the salon instead of turning to a popular spicket-style decanter or pitcher. The green glass makes the water seem seem somehow cooler and more inviting. I might even skip the coffee.

Lastly there are the mini gold spoons. I have some of these actually, but until now I've mostly paired them up with dessert cups. But look how nice they also look here with the white coffee service and warm wood tray. Great play on textures and color. 


Sam [The Peak of Tres Chic] said...

Loving this vignette. Especially the cactus! Way cool.



house of earnest said...

I love that too... You don't often see a cactus mixed in, but with all the elegant white it sure does add a little spunk!

elissae said...

Love the bowl of clementines too. Very hospitable

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