Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Red Light District

Jordan Ferney's 2006 monochromatic masterpiece on a budget served as the inspiration for our "rouge on rouge" holiday display.

As we gear up for an All-White Holiday this year at Holtwood House, I'm taking a moment to reflect on another monochromatic color scheme we went with two years ago at my parent's place. A quick trip the morning before to the Flower Mart and Mom and I arrived back home with a carload of red blooms- and a red tree we could not resist!

Sticking with a single color and/or bloom is one of the best tricks in the playbook. It's easy to create a stunning floral spectacle by playing with multiple hues, height and texture variation.

As night fell and the candles were lit, it made for a festive backdrop for our Holiday dinner party.

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