Thursday, December 1, 2011

Handmade Homage: Part 1

With the 1st of December upon us (already!), I didn't want to let Fall slip completely away without sharing some snaps of a party I threw back in October for my younger sister and her family. See, they were expecting a new arrival sometime in early November- a new baby girl to be named Hailey and once I heard the news, I knew a celebration was in order (a celebration is always in order I say).

I wanted to host something a little unexpected. It was to be their 3rd baby so a traditional "shower" was not necessarily the order of the day. But I felt it was important to focus on the anticipation and excitement of welcoming a new member into the family. And then- as it always does- it hit me. What better way to tell the story of anticipation and excitement for a new baby than with the lore of the Stork.

What I ultimately crafted was something a little more nuanced. Plumes of feathers and nests, woodsy and organic- a take on Stork breeding grounds if you will.

The food centered around fresh herbs and a lot of "egg" inspired bites.

The florals suggested feathers and woodland nests. Plumes of seasonal Pampas Grass and brightly hued Maple leaves, thistle and berries were all anchored by vintage brass cranes snagged off Etsy.

There were a lot of handmade elements- wood, paper and fabric all used to give the day a magical and whimsical vibe.

A photo booth provided some added entertainment and take-home keepsakes. The backdrop was sewn from a dreamy fabric called Bekah Plum by Kaffe Fassett

As a follow up, I thought I'd share some of my creative process and images and things that inspired me along the way.  Stay tuned to see how this magical day came to life in tomorrow's post.


The Glam Lamb said...

Where did you get those garlands?! ALl the ones I have seen look cheesy!! Yours look great!

Erin said...

Glam Lamb- The garlands for the table were constructed using individual stems of greenery picked up at the LA Flower Mart (one of my favorite places to be!). I sort of just laid them all out on the table and wired them together as I went. If you go- check out Mayesh for the greatest variety.

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