Monday, November 7, 2011

Stroke of Genius

My interest in art is relatively recent. Up until the time we bought this house, my walls were adorned with mirrors, family photos and mostly stock image photography- not necessarily the kind picked up at the local mall, but I was never surprised to see the same black and white print hanging over someone else's couch.

I think it boiled down to two hang-ups- lack of budget for what I've long deemed a luxury item and a silly, misguided notion that my novice eye would select something seen by educated art lover friends as "ugly".

Somewhere between then and now, I've come to the conclusion that I actually like art- the painted kind- and at long last I truly aspire to have those colorful and well thought out brush strokes to help decorate this home I'm working so diligently to arrange.

I think I just needed to find an artist who spoke to me- to find me.  Enter Michelle Armas.

It was February and I had come across a post on another blog that lead me to her website. At the time she was working on the gallery commission above and I remember going to bed smiling that night, knowing that I had found something fresh to inspire me.

I even loved reading about her process and laughed at her direct, unedited musings in her blog.  Sort of gave me a fuller picture of the artist behind the canvas and I developed a crush on the whole package.  The last two are my current favorites and though I've quite gotten over any worries about whether or not other folks share my taste in art, I still haven't solved the budget obstacle.  I'll admit to stalking her online shop hoping that they don't get snagged up just yet.

Via Michelle Armas

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