Monday, November 14, 2011


I came across this image of an underground wine cellar last week and it conjured up all sorts of questions for me.

Like I wonder how deep they had to dig? Why did they have to put the door right there- in front of the cooking range- possibly one of the most traveled on spaces of floor in the kitchen? How are the wines cataloged- everyday wines up top and more precious down below, organized by grape, alphabetically?

I haven't seen the rest of the house, but putting aside the mirrored tile backsplash, the snippet of kitchen shown in the photo suggests a possibly more unassuming space than the intricate and luxurious cavern that lies beneath.  But what a surprise when they toss open the hatch, right?

It got me thinking about the intrigue of spiraling staircases in general. I've always considered myself a more conservative, feet straight ahead kind of gal. But there's something so mysterious - promising even, about the twists and turns of a winding stairway (insert epiphanous life metaphor here).

Perhaps the promise lies in that little glimmer of light from above that you can often see from the ground floor. Something even more spectacular and grand surely must lie ahead.

 Which is perfectly suited for an anticipation junkie like me.

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