Thursday, November 17, 2011

Inspiration is Everywhere: Forecast by Ashleigh Rosa

Inspiration is truly everywhere these days. For all it's faults, the Internet has exposed us to different ways of living, new ideas about food and eating, DIY instructions for every project worth imagining and consistently offers us a portal into other ways of doing.

I love trolling around Etsy and seeing all the creativity that exists out there. It truly boggles the mind what people can do with an idea. I've long visited for party effects, jewelry, vintage home goods and a casual stroll through the first 15 pages of a search on "Abstract Art". But I just discovered that I had only previously scratched the surface. Digging a little deeper into the Art section and I felt like I had just won the lottery. Plain and simple- people rock.

I thought I'd spotlight some of my recent finds, work that I think is so crazy good or inventive that I feel an obligation to share.

Check out these works by Artist Ashleigh Rosa.  In her Etsy profile, she describes her approach and this series of works as follows: "Uprooted from the Northeast, I currently live in Central California where I teach in the visual arts.  Sunny, 75 degrees, Sunny, 75 degrees…At the risk of sounding ungrateful, I now long for anything that even remotely resembles weather. “Forecast” is an ode to that yearning. Using abstraction and minimal mark-making, I aim to capture the psychological and physical aspects that weather carries, whilst utilizing the inherent properties of the paper itself: it soaks, warps, and stretches under the weight of water; stained as a trace to these events."

Seriously mesmerizing, no? I see California's low desert when I look at these.

Check out Ashleigh's other works on her Etsy site. She and her Artist husband also share a blog too where they post new creations out of their studio, as well as some serious design eye candy.

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