Thursday, November 6, 2014


Friends, it's Week 6 at last and I finally get to show you the outcome of a project I've been hard at work on. What an incredible experience to again take part in the One Room Challenge, created by Linda of Calling it Home. I've challenged myself to tackle a personal space that had been nagging at me for quite some time - our Master Bedroom. Along with that, came some additional hurdles like building out a couple of pieces of furniture of my own design, working within my own limited budget and creating a modern, sophisticated master retreat in just under 6 weeks. While I am so very happy with the outcome of all this hard work, one of my favorite parts of participating in this event has always been all the new virtual friendships I've made. I've been so inspired by my design-crazy web-mates who linked in each Thursday to share their own progress.  A big thank you to Linda as well, for all her tireless work to pull this event together. So much goes on behind the scenes that we all will never fully realize. So thank you Linda for the opportunity to link in and take part along with the 20 professional designers and bloggers who revealed their spaces yesterday

I've shared my progress over the last 6 weeks (you can click through to see each week below), so let's get to the happy ending, shall we?

I hinted in recent posts at some new nightstands I was working on. One of my biggest successes with this project was the eventual creation of a pair of burl tables now flanking our bed. Both the top and base are constructed of 100% wood, finished in a mappa burl veneer. I taught myself through some tense trial and error how to apply the veneer myself. I have to tell you, I have so much more respect for experienced craftsman who build fine furniture. What a learning experience! The front flap on my design opens up to allow for media storage (no more tablets and phones in the bed!). I'll be sure to share more about the functional aspects of these tables, related aspirations and what I learned while building them in a future post. 

I couldn't be more pleased with our art selection for this room. Our new print, "Pool Illumination" by Georgia Tankard, sourced through Minted, is a colorful focal point on the newly paneled white wall. I love the quiet impact of the white paneling and how it contrasts with the artwork and some of the weightier furniture that sits alongside it. The chair was a flea market find that I could not live without. My gut was right. Life with this chair has gotten so much easier - a comfy place to sit and visit and tie shoes and well... it's just the prettiest.

Did you notice? The ceiling fan is now GONE. My husband relinquished his beloved fan to make my design desires a reality. In its place now hangs a simple brass shandy made by the talented folks at Park Studio LA (found on Etsy!). They couldn't have been easier to work with and allowed us to drop by and pick up the fixture in person. It makes all the difference and looks so pretty looking in from the backyard pool. 

As mentioned in an earlier post, in the name of making the whole room a more functional space, I decided to tackle our unruly closet during this renovation as well. I painted the inside the same dark shade as the wall behind our bed and added in some additional shelving and brassy brackets. With the extra space the shelves created, I was even able to carve out a small dressing space for all my baubles and wears.

Some other details: The trim work on the doors now makes for a grand entrance to our updated master. We also painted out the aluminum window trim in black, bringing the original 1960's windows up to date.  
My biggest complaint with our former room was that it never really felt finished. We had cobbled together a clean enough look through odds and ends we had when we moved in that didn't end up in other areas of the house. It worked just fine for the last couple of years while we've focused on finishing up rooms elsewhere. But I have to tell you, it feels so good to finally retreat at the end of the day to a space that feels finished and complete.

While I was lucky enough to add some new purchases to our suite, I also acquired a few pieces through good ol' blood, sweat and tears. A new bed was not within our budget, but a bed I built out of a very much like the real thing "leather" was in the cards for us. I also sewed up some custom pillows and shams for our bed, using various pinstriped wool and cotton suiting fabrics. Even the box spring is covered in a subtle charcoal pinstripe. Valentino's toys are now no longer underfoot and corralled in this easy for him to access basket from Ikea. I painted out a green basket I bought on clearance and customized it with some brass and leather strapping to compliment other finishes in the room.

I've received so much encouragement from other bloggers participating in the event. Even so, there were times throughout the 6 weeks where I felt like I was on a one-woman mission to crazy town. Perhaps Emily really captured what I intend to say here best. I enjoy these types of projects so much, but putting all your hard work out there on the interwebs can leave you feeling, well... a bit vulnerable. 

Lucky for me, I have an ace in the hole. I don't work with a formal team of people, but I have a lot of support around me to help me realize my vision. You know when you were little and wished you could grow up and go to work with your parents? Well, I don't get to do that. But working with my Dad on these types of projects gets me close. I've learned so much from him (and I'm pretty sure on the next project he's going to make me use the table saw). Most of all, I appreciate how he believes in me and makes sure I don't look like a fool in front of you all. He built out that paneling I so desperately wanted up there and helped me add some trim work to finish off my burl tables. He drove out over several days and painted the room out and even returned to make sure that beautiful brass fixture overhead got hung at the 11th hour. We're pretty lucky to have my Pops.

Shout out to my hubs and our good friend Kyle as well for helping to get all these side projects over the finish line. I wouldn't even have that chair without my husband who helped me chase down that flea market vendor for it and let's be honest, I still owe him some sort of fan in the room.

To recap, here's my wish list when I first started 6 weeks ago. Though I blew my own self-imposed budget early on, I was able to recover some of what I spent by selling off a portion of the room's prior furnishings. In the end, I accomplished what I set out to do: finally complete our master bedroom while adding a bit of edge and functionality. 

This has been another great One Room Challenge adventure. But let's keep in touch OK?

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celine@aquahaus said...

Dude. You have SUCH skills. You have such incredible vision. I LOVE the burl nightstands and will be copying that just as soon as you post the tutorial. And the paneling...the light fixture...and the black accent wall. To die for. Can I come visit for a girls weekend? (not joking) Let's go to the Rose Bowl flea!

Unknown said...

Wow, just stunning master bedroom retreat! You already had great bones to work with but all your DIY projects like the headboard and wood paneling really paid off to transform this master bedroom! Replacing the fan with the cool light fixture adds a sleek and sexy feel to the room! Even though I did my master last ORC round I didn't venture into putting the paneling, which has been on my wish list! Kudos to you for working so hard and getting it done my friend! Now go and relax in your master retreat!

Anna @Annabode said...

This is so beautiful! The dark, moody painted wall behind the bed and the paneled wall made it look so polished. And I can't believe you made those nightstands--I hope you write a DIY post on them soon. They are just gorgeous! I'd love to recreate them for my own bedroom, which is sadly in need of some attention. You did an amazing job at making this space both masculine and feminine--something I always struggle with. Congrats on completing the challenge!

And thank you so much for your lovely comment about my son's playroom--it made my day!

Shannon said...

Whoa! This is gorgeous, and your styling is on point! I love the artwork!

Splendor in Spanglish said...

OMG!!! Love, love your space! The dark wall, light fixture, all the textures, and the art!
Congratulations on surviving these crazy process! haha! You did GOOD!!! and Yes. Let's keep in touch. xx.

autumn said...

i love your finished space! those nightstands and the light are making me weak in the knees! love your details, and the moody, chic vibe of the room!!

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

ERIN! What a dream room! It is sensational and how proud you must be that it was all made by you and your dad. What a wonderful team. And I love that you love this special bond between your dad and you. It's so sweet. The trim is spectacular and I'm with @aquahaus I want to learn how to make the tables as well. I can't believe you made your own bed! and the doors to the master are so grand. And Cheers for that wonderful hubby giving in to a beautiful lighting fixture. I bet he is so happy he did though, right? COngrats on such a beautiful room. xx

Mary@ I Like it Lovely said...

This is a fantastic room! I love the moulding and dark wall. You guys rock!

LIV Vintage said...

This is fabulous ! Please let us know how to make the tables. LOVE the art and wall color. Great job!

Vanessa@decor happy said...

The Before wasn't too shabby but the After is simply stunning. Love that you crafted the bed and side tables yourself. Love the moulding on the walls and that your Dad helped you with this project. Great job Erin!

Sam | Away She Went said...

It looks amazing - so sophisticated! I love those nightstands and that gold-dipped pineapple!

mrs. V | Chez V said...

Erin, this is amazing. As I have been saying from the start, you had a great vision and saw it through to the end, which in itself is a pretty tremendous thing. To have it come out so beautifully is pure whipped cream goodness on a top of a pretty awesome sundae. The trim work inspired me from the get go but those burl walnut tables have me literally drooling. And thank heavens for family like your poppa who help bring our outrageous visions to life. CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!

PS the dark wall makes that picture just sing!

Unknown said...

Wow, I'm loving these moody, dark accent walls so much! And that light fixture is to die for!!!

Decor To Adore said...

Wow~ An absolutely stunning space! I love the color and light fixture. As a fellow 6 week participant the six weeks was indeed a challenge and you rose up. Well done!

Unknown said...

This room will have so much more meaning now knowing that people you love most helped you see your vision through! And side note: dads are the best! I am so crazy excited to see that you tackled a veneer project because it's something I've been too scared to try! This is a stunning room. Be proud!

Tracy Laverty said...

I love your moody wall color. You did a lot of work in here, and it looks amazing! Can't wait to see some tutorials.


Erin....OK....let's start at the beginning. Love this whole space. Period. The dark wall...those nightstands...that overhead fixture. nailed it! What a's just perfect!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

Erin, this is amazing. I love how you worked with your dad. The trimwork is so professional and beautiful. Great job!

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

Erin - I am so embarassed that I am just now commenting. I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH THIS SPACE and its my favorite one from the ORC. I LOVE this. I need to know how you did that bed. I love the color on the walls. its' EVERYTHING.

angela | the painted house said...

Perfectly edited. Clean and calm. Love it!

Unknown said...

Absolutely fantastic job Erin. I love all the details and your DIYS, and LOVE that you got to work with your dad. You really tackled huge things with such success. Great style friend! xo Nancy

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