Thursday, October 30, 2014


It's Week 5 of the One Room Challenge, a 6-week room makeover event that makes waves through blog land twice each year. This challenge, created by Linda of Calling it Home is not for the faint of heart. It's a rigorous obstacle course of design, innovation, problem solving, budget limitations and stamina. I'm linking in again to give you a play by play of progress as I go into the final week before the big reveal. 

Catch up on previous weeks here:

At this point, I'm working feverishly on tying up all loose ends on our master bedroom makeover.  Since I last checked in, I've made some final purchases that have actually started arriving at our doorstep, visited my local Home Depot more times than I can count and completed a couple of "build your own" projects that finally have me feeling pretty good about making the 6 week deadline. 
With all these details starting to come together, it feels very much like I'm falling asleep in a brand new room each night. Pretty exciting stuff.

One of the projects I finished in the last week was our new upholstered "leather" headboard and frame. I was able to score some beautiful buttery faux leather from Dorell Fabrics. If you are in Orange County, I highly recommend checking them out by the way. They have a killer selection of almost-like-the-real-thing faux leather. Feeling pretty satisfied with how this turned out. 
Last weekend saw lots of activity on the project front, including some more progress on a burl side table project (that stop the presses ! - I'm just revealing now for the first time). I found a great specialty hardwoods retailer that has become my current favorite haunt by the way. I've been teaching myself through a little expensive trial and error about how to properly apply veneer. This project is about 75% complete at this point, but I'm optimistic about pulling it out just before the final photo shoot. I also visited Mood Fabrics in LA over the weekend and picked out some suiting fabrics that I'm incorporating into our pillow scheme. 

Finally, I'm revealing some details on some of the prettier effects that will go into our room (pictured above)

I ordered a limited edition print by Georgia Tankard titled "Pool Illumination" from Minted. It's an underwater, nighttime pool shot that I just kept going back to time and again when searching for art to deck out our newly paneled walls. Its pretty apropos for our poolside Master Bedroom.

Also ordered was the Bradley floor lamp from Eurostyle Lighting. It arrived in a flash and exceeded my expectations. It's looking mighty fine paired up with that vintage leather chair I picked up from the flea last month.

I couldn't resist picking up a few Nate Berkus goodies from Target like this gold and black faceted lamp, geometric woven storage bin and these navy and velvet pillows

I've addressed the upgraded furnishings with the bed and tables and am closing in on some of the textural details in the room. I'll be focused on finalizing artwork and pulling all the textiles and accessories together in this final week. Meet you back here in exactly 7 days for the final reveal!
Be sure to check out progress by all my crazy talented web mates over at Calling it Home.



mrs. V | Chez V said...

Nothing makes me more giddy than burl wood, except of course leopard print and wine. Literally dying to see what marvel you have up your sleeve with that one. Have so enjoyed watching your progress this round! Very inspiring indeed.

Splendor in Spanglish said...

Leather headboard?! So sexy! Love it already! Good luck this week. Can't wait! :)

LIV Vintage said...

Love your choices, ESPECIALLY "Pool Illumination" Can't wait to see the final reveal

Anonymous said...

WOW, Erin that leather headboard is Stunning! I still can't get over your small DIY project, ha! Not to mention your DIY night stand!?! Where do you find the time, seriously! I love the wood paneling in the room and your styling inspiration for the bedside table! I love seeing your talent and creativity, which is inspiring. Can't wait to see your BIG reveal next week! Push through because in the end that relaxed retreat will be well worth the wait!

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

you guys are serious DIYers....I'm so impressed that you made a faux leather bed! and are making burl wood tables??!! Oh my!! This whole room will be fabulous!

aquahaus said...

You have such serious DIY skills. I mean. Jeez. Stop making us look bad. I just buy shit off Amazon. Snoozefest. But you! You are the bomb dot comb. Can't wait to see this next week.

Christine Dovey said...

I can't even believe that you made that bed- incredible. And the burl...DYING to see your tables next week. Love everything you're doing!

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