Friday, February 8, 2013

Fancied Up Votives

While preparing for last weekend's Super Bowl festivities, I threw together something very simple that I thought I'd pass along. Knowing the game would run well past dark, I wanted to create some ambience at the outdoor bar by adding a couple of candles. I mean, who doesn't like a little candlelight with their football? 

Truth is, I always get a bit nervous putting lone votives out onto a table for fear of them getting knocked over or that somebody will unknowingly drag their sleeve across one. So being the paranoid I am, I plopped the votives into a couple of lowballs and proceeded to create a little moat between the glass and votive with some rocks and minerals I had stored away for an upcoming project. Once lit, I thought they put out the prettiest glow. The translucent surface of the crystals and all the pretty veining were instantly illuminated.

It just gave my little bar display a little extra... something. I might even try it on a larger scale in other areas around the house.

It's the weekend friends!

Here's hoping the next couple of days off include a little candlelight of your own.


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