Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Art Crush // Eric Zener

I can give you so many reasons why Eric Zener's artwork appeals to me - particularly the water paintings. It might be that I can actually imagine the shock of cool water colliding with my sun-warmed skin when I look at 'Cusp' or 'Safety Net'. I might just be mesmerized by the perfectly blue reflective water he paints in 'Much Clearer Down Below' and 'Anonymous Time Traveler'. But most of all, I think it's that he manages to encapsulate everything I love about summer right there on a canvas- the warmth of the sun, the floating, tanning relaxation of it all and most certainly, the fun in splashing around in the pool for three months.

I want one for this house that unconsciously seems to orbit around our backyard pool deck. 

Much Clearer Down Below
At Ease on the Edge
Anonymous Time Traveler
Going Even Deeper
There's more of Eric Zener's work to pine for right here.  Don't miss his incredible "Sleep" series.


designstiles said...

Sooooo cool. I love that first shot. It would look awesome pretty much anywhere. I imagine it in a super neutral place and his swim trunks would be the only pop of red.

jackie jade said...

wow these are beautiful! they're making me dream of summer!

Unknown said...

These are totally in line with what comes to mind when I think 'California cool'--- just awesome!

Xoxo, Emily

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