Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I've long admired the way designers pair up classic inner trimmings of a pre-war building with modern fixtures and furnishings. It's one of the things I gravitate to when I'm traveling through Europe - something about the longevity of well built, beautiful buildings of yesteryear living on in the modern age.  But when I'm home, I prefer unfussy architectural details - clean lines, uncluttered walls amidst a mix of both vintage and modern furnishings. Luckily, there are quite a few design options for newer builds these days that give a nod to the trim work of old, but play still play it clean, contemporary and cool.

With my thoughts turned to incorporating some architectural interest onto the blank state walls of Holtwood House, I've chosen a few modern takes on trim work that are helping to guide my design plan.

Collecting samples can be such an arduous task. Between style and dimensions, there are many decisions there.  I find I'm leaning towards more minimalist options with a single, edgy raised profile.

Then there are additional decisions to make around pattern. A picture frame layout is a favored classic look. But designers are taking a more modern approach with bold graphic patterns that become a focal point in the room.

I've been playing with scale and repetition in my own design scheme and have already faced inevitable obstacles when working around vent and socket placement. My well measured layouts have already been derailed several times.

In the end, several walls at Holtwood House will be tricked out in various styles and degree of detail. Clean, classic trim will be juxtaposed against modern fixtures and finishings - a step towards building a more eclectic feel within the walls of our home.

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Anna said...

Hi! I love the molding on the walls. I have some bare walls in my house that I'd love to dress up but I haven't found the trim at Lowes or Home Depot. Where would you get it? I've designers refer to it as 1" ogee molding but I can't seem to find it anywhere? Any thoughts?

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