Thursday, December 12, 2013

Up-cycled Mineral Decanters

With the impending holidays, my mind immediately turns to party, which then inevitably leads to bar. Funny how that works. I had been wanting to update our house bar with some fancy new crystal decanters for quite some time. But frankly that expenditure falls well behind in terms of priority - particularly now right smack in the middle of the season of giving. So last weekend, I found a creative way to scratch that long nagging itch and came up with a project that would up-cycle some materials I already had on hand. In the end, it was really what I was hoping for all along.

We've been saving up our old clear wine and liquor bottles for the past couple of years - actually having friends and family save theirs for our hoard. Some are just too pretty to toss and I knew we'd find a way to recycle them into a project at some point in time. When inspiration struck for my makeshift decanters, I turned to our stockpile and picked out a few in varying shapes and sizes. Cleaning and removing the labels was the most time intensive part of this project - nothing a dishwasher and a little 'goo be gone' could not tackle. 

I knew I had a few rocks, minerals and cabinet knobs lying around that I decided could work to fancy up the caps. A dab of E6000 was all I needed to bind them strongly to the existing bottle tops and corks. 

Originally I considered purchasing some traditional chain metal tags to complete the look. But I caught a glimpse of Christine's Instagram and decided to give my decanters a little more edge with a string of bulky chain right off the hardware shelf. 

I think these decanters are ready to rock it and just in time for our big New Year's Eve bash.



Kristen said...

Love the way this came together! Everything from the bottles to the stoppers are perfect.

Sharon @ Novara Way said...

Beautiful and unique! Excellent idea....

Liz Jordan said...

Ha, I really thought the first image was the inspiration pic for the project. Now it will just become my inspiration pic :) Job well done!

celine said...


Elissa said...

The chains are off the chizzzzainnnnn!

Barina Craft said...

Love the re-purposed liquor bottles as decanters and the DIY stoppers for your home bar.

There's just one problem. Now you'll have to decide which ones to keep on the cart and which ones to set aside for some mixers, snacks and barware when entertaining.

You'll have fun figuring that out though :D

Trissta said...

Love these! I'm a sucker for all the gem stone anythings I find.

Much Love,

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